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#14 [25.02.2011]: Gonjasufi - Duet

Artist: Gonjasufi
Track: Duet
Album: A Sufi And a Killer
Date: 2010

#13: Nas - Affirmative Action

Artist: Nas
Song: Affirmative Action
Album: It Was Written
Date: 1996

#12: Les Fleur De Lys - Daughter Of The Sun

Artist: Les Fleur De Lys
Song: Daughter Of The Sun
Album: Reflections
Date: 1997
This song was released on 1997's compilation Reflections but was recorded during the sixties.

#11: Power Of Zeus - In The Night

Artist: Power Of Zeus
Song: In The Night
Album: The Gospel According To Zeus
Date: 1971

#10: Swing Republic feat. Bing Crosby - On The Downbeat

Artist: Swing Republic feat. Bing Crosby
Song: On The Downbeat
Album: Electro Swing Republic
Date: 2011

#9: Kormac - Showtime

Artist: Kormac
Song: Showtime
Album: Word Play
Date: 2010

#8: Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers

Artist: Tyler, The Creator
Song: Yonkers
Album: Goblin
Date: 2011

#7: Dr Syntax - Animal Hides

Artist: Dr Syntax
Song: Animal Hides
Album: Self-Taught
Date: 2007

#6: The Standells - Dirty Water

Artist: The Standells
Song: Dirty Water
Album: Dirty Water
Date: 1966

#5: The Box Tops - The Letter

Artist: The Box Tops
Song: The Letter
Album: The Lettre/Neon Rainbow
Date: 1967

#4: Onra - Smoking Buddha

Artist: Onra
Song: Smoking Buddha
Album: Chinoiseries
Date: 2007

#3: Ratatat - Loud Pipes

Artist: Ratatat
Song: Loud Pipes
Album: Classics
Date: 2006

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